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    As an independent company we deal with all the major fashion houses throughout Europe to ensure you buy the very latest frame styles
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    Our optometrists always spend time with you to really understand your needs and we specialise in using the latest technology to help look after your eyes.
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3D Glasses now in, READ THE BLOG


RealD3d Vision







New product to help with Macular Degeneration


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We now stock a fantastic range of frames designed for newborns and toddlers called Tomato Glasses

These frames and designed to be incredible comfort and fit brilliantly.  They come complete with adjustable sides and bridge, case and headband.  Available only in-store when fitted by a qualified dispensing optician.

Do you suffer from tired, sore, gritty, irritated eyes?

cracked face image

If so, call us now and see how we can help.

Not sure if you have Dry Eyes? Try this simple test. Blink Twice and then slowly count the numbers shown below.

number image

If you can’t get to Ten without needing to blink again then you may have Dry Eye. Call us or email to see how we can help. Or buy a voucher for our dry eye programme online HERE.


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