Eye care

It can not be stressed enough that reading a web page is no substitute for seeing an Optician or Medical Practitioner, these pages are for information purposes only

We have included information about long & short sightedness, common vision defects, medical issues and contact lens related eyecare

As Opticians our primary roles are eye health care and maximising quality of vision

Contact lens care

Contact lenses can provide a wonderful improvment in lifestyle to many people, and modern lenses are simple to use and easy to clean

Lenses work well whilst they are maintained correctly, but lack of cleaning or over wear can lead to problems with comfort, or even lead to infections

Eye health

This series of pages has been written to help you understand some of the problems people have with their eyes, they are not a substitute for proper individual medical advice

We recommend that you seek specialist advice from either an eye hospital, your Doctor or Optician if you are at all concerned about your vision

A red eye may show in many ways, depending on its cause.  If you are worried about a red eye (and it is not the morning after the night before!), please feel free to phone your local branch of Robert Stanley Opticians - or contact your local optician

Has the eye been red for less than 4 days?

Is the eye painful?

Has there been a change in quality of vision?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should try and get to an optometrist or your GP (doctor), or  your local hospital casualty department as soon as possible (preferably today)


Please note that it is this is not a comprehensive list and is not in any way intended for you to diagnose your eye condition.

Spectacle Lenses

Our qualified Dispensing Opticians always strive to offer the latest and highest quality  spectacle lenses.  That is why we use lens manufacturers who are leading spectacle lens technology forwards

We look at your lifestyle, hobbies, and occupation when recommending lenses.  We believe that your sight is precious, and the quality of your vision is important.  That is why we embrace the modern leading edge technologies designed to enhance your vision

Finding out more about lens technology ...


Here is a typical result from a eye examination. Please click on the links below to fins out more.