Long and short-sightedness

Some people are long sighted, some short sighted, in fact most people have a little prescription even if it does not need to be corrected.  Find out about spectacle lenses used to correct vision

This picture shows a long sighted eye.  In the sight test result the SPH is indicated as positive (+).The light entering the eye does not focus on the back of the eye, but at an imaginary point behind the eye.  Sometimes in young people the eye lens can compensate for this.  With vision like this spectacles / contact lenses are normally required

Long sighted eye

This picture shows a short sighted eye. See how the light rays do not focus on the retina at the back of the eye but in front of it.  The image on the retina is blurred. To correct this type of vision contact lenses or spectacles are usually needed. On the sight test result the SPH part is Negative (-) for short sightedness