Contact lenses - The fitting appointment

Contact lenses can be a fantastic alternative to wearing your spectacles for cosmetic, social, or sporting reasons and are much easier to wear and handle than many people think.  Most contact lenses now tend to be very soft, flexible lenses which settle on the eye very quickly.

A contact lens assessment (fitting appointment) will typically last around 40 - 60 minutes and will consist of the following:

- Initial discussion with the optician to gain an understanding of your visual requirements and expectations.

- Non-contact measurements of your cornea to establish the best fitting contact lens for you and microscopic assessment of the front surfaces of the eye.

- The optician will then advise you of the best types of lenses for your requirements, proposed wearing schedule and based on the measurements taken.

- The optician will then put the lenses in for you gently and carefully, assess your vision with them, and check that they are fitting correctly.

- Once you are happy with the chosen lenses we will go through the insertion and removal techniques, and the cleaning and storage method.

- Once we have seen that you are able to insert and remove the lenses without any problems, and that you are happy with everything, we will give you some trial lenses to take away.

- We will typically see you for a follow-up appointment 1 week after the fitting to check that your eyes have adapted well to wearing the lenses, and to ensure that you have been getting on well with them.  This appointment is usually around 20 minutes long and is covered by the fee from your initial visit.

- Once everyone is happy with the lenses you can go ahead and order a supply of the prescribed lenses.

- Our opticians are very friendly and helpful and will be happy to answer any questions you may have at any stage of the appointment.

What you will need for the appointment

All you would need to bring with you is a copy of your normal sight test prescription which should be no more than 12 months old.  If you do not have a copy of this already you can ask for it at your opticians.  If you are an existing customer of ours then we will have the sight test on record, therefore you do not need to bring it in.

If you are due for a regular eye test, or your current prescription is more than 12 months old, we can carry out a regular eye exam prior to the contact lens fitting.

How much does it cost?

A contact lens fitting appointment costs £42.00, this covers both the initial appointment and the follow-up a week later.  There is no charge for your trial lenses.

The lens price varies greatly depending on the type (daily disposable, monthly etc) and the quality.  Daily disposable lenses start at around £22 for a months supply, and monthly disposables start at £5.95 per month.

What different types are there?

- Daily disposable - Most hygenic lenses, wear for 1 day then throw away.  Great for people who want to wear lenses infrequently or who do not want to clean and store lenses.

- 2 Weekly - More cost-effective than daily disposable lenses.  2 pairs per month with basic cleaning and storing required.

- Monthly - 1 pair of lenses per month with basic cleaning and storing required.  Also available as extended wear lenses where the lenses are kept in for the whole month.

These are the most popular types available, however there are many others available which we can discuss with you in more detail during your appointment.