Q. What is glaucoma?

A. Glaucoma is a condition in which the nerve fibres carrying information from the eye to the brain are damaged as they leave the eye.  This disease is sometimes hereditary

Q. What causes glaucoma?

A. Nobody knows for sure.  It is thought that a high pressure within the eye can cause it, although there are several other theories

Q. What are the symptoms?

A. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases there are no symptoms.  Some people experience pains in the eyes or see haloes round lights but this is less common

Q. How is it detected then?

A. Your optometrist will examine the back of your eyes and will measure the pressure within your eyes.  A visual field test may be performed if thought necessary

Q. What is the treatment?

A. Treatment, if started early enough, is very effective.  The first treatment is usually eye-drops.  Some patients do need an operation and a few require laser treatment