1-2% of the population of UK has diabetes.  Diabetes is a group of diseases where there is increase in blood sugar levels caused by a decrease in insulin within the body.  There are two main types:  insulin dependent diabetes  and non-insulin dependent diabetes

Insulin dependent diabetes is when there is a problem with the pancreas, and an insufficient amount or no insulin is produced.  This form can be inherited and the age of onset is usually adolescent.  It is controlled with insulin injections and a careful diet

Non-insulin dependent diabetes usually occurs later in life.  Diet control, pills and insulin injections are the usual form of treatment. Some cases are treated with diet alone

Diabetes is a  major cause of blindness

Symptoms of diabetes:  thirsty, going to the toilet more frequently than usual, tiredness, marked changes in eyesight

Regular eye examinations can help with monitoring your diabetes and can save your sight, for this reason the government provide free sight tests to anybody with diabetes