Contact lens cleaning solutions

If you use your solutions in accordance with the instructions given by your optician, and the manufacturer you should not encounter any problems

Do not change your solutions without contacting us or another qualified optician

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide based systems have a disinfecting stage, and a neutralising stage. Neutralization of the Hydrogen peroxide stage is either achieved by using a second solution, a tablet or by means of a special disc in the bottom of the lens case.  It is unfortunately quite common for people to insert an un-neutralized lens in to their eye.  This is very painful and causes the eye to be very red and sore.  If this happens to you, wash the eye thoroughly with water, and consult your optician as quickly as possible

If you feel your solutions are causing any eye problems (click here for a list of signs and symptoms) stop wearing your lenses immediately and book an appointment with your optician