To accurately manufacture spectacles to your prescription it is essential that the PD is measured correctly.  When purchasing spectacles from a qualified optician they will ensure that this measurement and many others they take are re-produced accurately in your specs.

Dispensing Opticians train for three years to ensure that your spectacles are made to fit correctly.  DO NOT COMPROMISE - order your spectacles from a qualified optician.  Without the correct measurements your glasses will at best be uncomfortable and at worse they may be dangerous.  Incorrectly manufactured and fitted spectacles can lead to headaches, eyestrain and even double vision.

Internet sites offering cheap spectacles, do not take the pupillary distance into account accurately.  Its a bit like ordering shoes and asking the website to guess your size!

In our experience, even if you provide the correct PD, the spectacles are not manufactured to it and the last pair we ordered were not within British Standard tolerances.

Purchasing online;

  1. you do not get to see if the frame fits.

  2. you do not get to see if it looks good on.

  3. you are not measured accurately to ensure long term comfort of the frame.

  4. your PD is often guessed by the supplier and this can lead to headaches or even double vision.

  5. no allowance is made for pantascopic tilt, side length, head width, vertical centration and back vertex distance.

  6. you won’t be able to get repairs and maintenance without paying a fee or waiting for several days.

  7. if buying a designer style, it will be an old model or a copy.  This year’s designer models are not sold to internet companies.

  8. you will not be able to purchase high quality lenses e.g. Nikon or Kodak.  They are not sold to internet companies.

  9. Transitions and anti-reflection coatings will be older designs of lenses.

  10. You may have to pay postage to get the specs or to post them back if there is a problem.

  11. Your optician will not take any responsibility should you be unable to see correctly with your new glasses.

If you would like your PD and other facial measurements carried out, this can be done for as little as £15 in a Robert Stanley store.  Or free of couse, if you order your spectacles from us.