You may well have heard of laser surgery to correct short sightedness.

Well now at Robert Stanley Opticians in Abingdon, we can correct your vision safely with a contact lens that you sleep in overnight.


This new type of contact lens fitting is called Ortho Keratology (Ortho-K for short).  Ortho-k lenses are designed to correct short sighted prescriptions up to -4.50D but they don’t work like anything else!  You put them in when you go to bed and take them out when you get up!  Overnight they gently re-shape the corneas and this re-shaping corrects the short sightedness.  This can be great for people who find normal contact lenses uncomfortable or for anyone involved in sport e.g. any contact sport, swimming etc. They can also work for police officers, firemen and anyone where spectacles or contact lenses are a problem in their career.

This is also a completely safe alternative to laser eye surgery.  It is available exclusively at Abingdon branch because we are using the very latest technology in corneal topographers to assess the fitting accurately.  

This revolutionary technique has been carried out on thousands of people and famously Phillip Schofield had this procedure during his time with GMTV.  You can even watch his video diary online.

See Phillip Schofield's GMTV diary