How are we improving our carbon footprint?

We believe that it is critical for businesses to improve their carbon footprint.  Here are some of the things we have done, things we are currently implementing and things we have planned for 2020 and beyond.  Some things are simple changes but others require a big team commitment and investment to achieve.  We've broken things into Small Steps, Big Strides and Giant Leaps.   After all, if opticians don't have 20/20 Vision this year, who will!

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Did you know, in the UK approximately 900 million daily disposable contact lenses (and their packaging) are thrown into general waste each year.  Stacked in a line that would form a 6 mile snake each year!

At Robert Stanley Opticians we have a recycling point for all our customers for their contact lenses and their contact lens packaging.  Simply drop them back to any store on a regular basis.  We aim to recycle 600,000 contact lenses with their packaging on 2020.

We communicate with our Customers regularly - Not only to advise you of new or relevant transformational products or services but more importantly to let you know when you are due for an eye examination, hearing check or contact lens check up.

We used to send over 30,000 letters per year to our Customers - these have an environmental impact not only because of paper waste and the damaging affect of the ink chemicals but also through the associated carbon footprint of delivering them. 

We've already got 30% of our Customers using email and we make a promise to you that we will never clog your inbox with marketing emails.  We will send one update email per quarter along with your routine reminders but of course you can easily opt out of these.

As an email Customer you can also use our online booking system for your appointments and have complete control to arrange appointments when you choose.  And our MySight App allows you to view when you are due appointments and you can also see your latest prescriptions.

We are working with the guidance of One Planet to help up prioritise the actions we take now to improve the environment in which we live.  Here are their areas of focus.

Find out more about One Planet Oxfordshire here;

Project Paperless - we admit to using a lot of paper in our day-to-day business.  Wherever possible this has already been significantly reduced through electronic communications and a software system that allows us to complete an in-depth eye examination without paper.  However, we intend to reduce things further.  Our vision is to remove 85% of paper use in 2020.

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