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We now offer hearing care services in our Wallingford branch and just added in May 2019 in our Wantage Health Centre branch.

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Nearly all of us will experience some degree of hearing loss during the course of our lives.  There are many signs of hearing loss, but as it often happens slowly over several years, many people do not notice the gradual loss of everyday sounds.  If you or someone you know is finding it harder to follow conversations or, you often have to ask people to repeat themselves, it may be time for a hearing test.

We employ our own Audiologist, Catherene McKinney, who has many years of experience and is also a consultant Clinical Scientist working at the Portland Hospital in London.  A hearing test with Catherene will be a relaxed experience and she is perfectly placed to offer you the right guidance and solutions should a hearing loss be found.

Catherene McKinney BSc CS RHAD MSHAA

If we find we can help your hearing improve, we will explain all the options to you and recommend solutions that best suit your lifestyle.                                                                                    
How much does it cost?

Your hearing test is absolutely free of charge.  You will spend up to 45 minutes with Catherene and so there is enough time for us to explain everything to you.  The cost of hearing aids can vary enormously depending upon your lifestyle needs and the type of hearing aid.  However, please rest assured that we offer the same Customer Promise as we have for our spectacles.  If you find the same package cheaper elsewhere we will refund the difference and give £10 to a charity of your choice.
95% of hearing loss can be helped.

It is reassuring to know that 95% of people can rediscover hearing and vastly improve their experience of social gatherings and start enjoying music and TV programmes again.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has a hearing loss, why not give us a call today and book in your free hearing test?

Wallingford Tel 01491 837033

Wantage Health Centre Tel 01235 769596

Giving back - we are keen to support local charities and run various events thoughout the year.  This year Catherene, our audiologist, is running 10 kilometres for the Alzheimer’s Society.  Feel free to support her cause