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Robert Stanley Audiology brings you the same fantastic care and service we provide you from our Vision Experts. But we now have Audiology Experts on hand to help you.  Appointments are free, why not read about our service below or listen to our testimonial?

We offer expert hearing care in all our branches and employ our own audiologists who have a depth of experience in High Street, Specialist hospital and NHS care settings.

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Meet the team

Ryan Ayres has been working as an audiologist on the High Street and specialises in the latest hearing instruments.  He is fully qualified to offer wax removal using the latest micro-suction technology.  Ryan has over 15 years experience as an audiologist. 

Jo Wildman has spent many years as a Health Care Assistant and is here to help with ear wax removal, hearing instrument servicing, hearing test screening and general audiology enquiries.  She has over 10 years experience removing ear wax in a GP surgery setting and understands the need for gentle care and attention.

     Ryan & Jo   

Our Hearing Experts have a wealth of experience in Audiology but also their care and attention to your needs will give you the reassurance and knowledge to help you make the right choices for your hearing.

What services do we provide?

We offer a full compliment of services including full hearing assessments, routine hearing checks, ​Both our audiologists offer a private wax removal and hearing aid repairs.  We also offer the latest rechargeable hearing instruments that work with your brain to individualise your hearing experience giving you the sound levels you want when you want them.

Ear wax removal

We can often make huge improvements in hearing simply by getting rid of the earwax that inevitably builds up in your ears over time.

We use syringing and micro-suction techniques that are both gentle and effective.  At your 3/4 hour appointment we will examine your ears for any signs of problems and once happy, we will gently remove the ear wax using the most appropriate method for you.  We offer a free follow up appointment and if you choose to, we can also offer a full hearing assessment.  We charge just £75 to complete wax removal in both your ears.

Hearing Assessments

Once we have established that your ears are healthly and removed any earwax we can conduct a full hearing assessment to see if there are any specific frequencies of sounds that you struggle to hear.  Our latest fully rechargeable hearing instruments can then be programmed to help in just the areas you need whether that be TV, high voices, phone calls etc.  We can also tune out noises that distract you from hearing correctly such as traffic noise etc.

Our audiologists also specialise in hearing defenders - not just ear plugs but instruments designed to filter specific sounds out.  Great for musicians, mechanics or anyone exposed to particular damaging sounds.

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