Ear Wax

A build up of wax in your ears can cause hearing loss, infection and significant pain and so, having it removed is essential for many people who suffer.

At Robert Stanley Opticians & Audiologists we have trained Hearing Experts to help you.  Our qualified team offer wax removal by syringe or using the latest microsuction techniques.  Both have their own advantages depending upon how the wax is formed in your ears and our experts will be able to advise you.

During your 45 minute private appointment, we will assess your hearing levels, carefully examine your ears and use the most appropriate method to remove the ear wax in your ears.  You will have plenty of opportunity to discuss any concerns that you might have and we can further advise you if still have a hearing loss that you would like us to help you improve.  We charge just £75 to examine both ears and remove any wax present.

If you need a follow up appointment, this will be offered completely free of charge.

Wax removal is available at all Robert Stanley Opticians & Audiologists across Oxfordshire

Simply call 01865 955233 to speak to your nearest branch.