How much is an eyetest?

Mon 24th May 2021

One of the most common questions we are asked is; "How much is an Eyetest?".

Here we explain how prices differ across opticians.

Where do I position my computer screen?

Mon 12th October 2020
As we all work more and more on computers we are putting a great deal more stress on our bodies (especially now many are working from home where your chair and computer may not be in their best positions).

Coronavirus Advice 1st June 2020

Mon 1st June 2020
As lockdown eases we have been working on re-opening our branches for essential services

5 Reasons you might need more than one eyetest

Mon 2nd September 2019
A customer recently asked me why they've visited 4 opticians before they came to us to '"get it right".

I thought it might be useful to explain what can go wrong and how a good independent optician can put it right for you..........