How much is an eyetest?

Did you know?

Optometrists must complete a 4 year university degree before being allowed to examine your eyes.  During their clinical based degree they study the anatomy of the eye and head in great detail and also spend time understanding how the rest of the body works.  They learn how the eyes can show early signs of all kinds of systemic disease including high blood pressure and diabetes.

The actual cost to the optician of completing your eye examination, taking into account all the costs including heating, lighting, equipment, drugs, PPE and of course the optometrists time is estimated to be between £85 and £120.

So how come some companies only charge £10 or do it for nothing?

When you only pay £10 for something that cost the company closer to £100 to deliver, ask yourself why have they done that?  There is huge pressure on businesses offering their most expensive asset as a 'loss leader' to quickly make that up somewhere else.

They might; reduce your time with the optometrist or ask an unqualified member of staff to carry out some of the tests or make sure that whatever the result, you leave buying new glasses.

What do the government pay for an NHS test?

If you are exempt from paying for an eyetest, the NHS will pay for a basic test for you.  They currently pay £21.79.  You will receive a full health check of your eyes and a prescription check.  You may not receive some of the extra tests optometrists can now do with more advanced equipment technology.

What do Robert Stanley charge?

We book each appointment for 45 minutes and you spend the whole time with your optometrist who carries out every test including a 3D scan of the back of your eyes.  Our latest scanner can pick up early signs of disease up to 8 years before more old fashioned techniques.  For all that we charge just £75.

We believe this offers great value for money.  We know you can get an eye exam for less elsewhere but you may only spend 10 minutes with their expert optometrist.

Our optometrists don’t have targets to meet and are therefore never pressured into selling you glasses if you don't need them but of course we have a wide range of the latest eyewear designs if you choose to buy some from us.

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