How will we look after you once COVID restrictions are eased?

What happens after 19th July 2021 when I visit?

As you will have read or seen in the news, COVID cases are rising significantly and we feel that removing all precautions, especially during your examination where we are in close proximity for periods of time, would be unwise.  We are therefore following guidelines from other medical professionals with regard to mask wearing as follows;
  • Our team will wear face masks at all times whilst you and your loved ones are present.
  • We respectfully request that you wear a mask during your eye examination and when we take measurements for your glasses.  There is no requirement to wear one at other times (unless you wish to).
  • Face masks will be available for you should you require one.

How else are we keeping you safe?

Many of our other procedures will remain in place to protect you and they are in no way intrusive.  These include;
  • Cleaning down surfaces and rooms between Customers.
  • Longer appointment times to limit numbers in the branch and give you more time with our Hearing and Vision Experts.
  • UVC sterilisation of frames and equipment and air purification systems in all areas.
  • Lateral flow testing for our team twice a week.Rest assured, our team are here to help provide you with great Eyecare and Hearing care in a relaxed, safe and comfortable environment.Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

You can call your regular branch as usual;

Abingdon 01235 520849
Bicester 01869 360557
Headington 01865 766488
Thame 01844 261096
Wallingford 01491 837033

And if you swap between branches you might prefer our 'One Number' option 01865 955233 that gets you through to all stores!

We look forward to seeing you soon at Robert Stanley Opticians & Audiologists.

Stay safe and keep well

John Edwards