Is blue light harmful to your eyes?

You may have read a recent press article in the Daily Mail or you are watching Watchdog at 8pm on 9/11/16 and are worried about blue light or spectacle lenses being sold for blue light filtering, please read on to find out more;

Ultraviolet light is proven to be very damaging to eyes and there is growing evidence that blue light may be a contributing factor to eye health.  However, this link is as yet unproven.
Blue light contributes to keeping us awake and poor sleepers may improve their sleep patterns if they reduce the blue light exposure before bedtime. 

Many of us are viewing handheld devices late into the night and exposing our eyes to much higher levels of blue light than humans are used to.  Some screens, phones and tablets now incorporate blue filtering or 'night' settings offering less blue light emission and are worthwhile investigating if you struggle to get to sleep at bedtime.  Apple call theirs 'Night Shift' and you can find it in Display and Brightness settings.

Blue anti-reflection coatings reflect more of the blue end of the spectrum but continue to offer the traditional benefits of standard anti-reflection coatings.  Standard anti-reflection coatings offer huge benefits in terms of cosmetic appearance, improved vision and improvements for night driving and overhead light glare.  We use blue anti-reflection coatings on occupational lenses (glasses mainly for screen use) at no extra charge but can of course provide a standard anti-reflection coating if preferred.

We never recommend blue light filters for children or adults who do not need glasses.

In summary, blue light filters can be helpful in certain circumstances but should not be sold purely on eye health reasons.  We continue to work with our suppliers to further understand the effects of blue light on the eyes.


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