Recruiting now

We strive to deliver the very best Customer Service and Exceptional Eyewear to our Clients. To do that we need the best people to make that happen.

We employ a range of Vision Experts who have either received a wealth of in-store training or have additional qualifications.  Here are examples of just some of the role for people working for Robert Stanley Opticians

Branch Manager

Responsible for delivering Exceptional Customer Service to all our Customers.  Our branch managers have years of experience of looking after our Customers and are responsible for making sure the Eyecare and Eyewear that you receive is second to none.  They are also there to help ensure each team is happy and motivated to give you the best care.

Optical Advisors

Your starting role will involve meeting and greeting Customers, answering the telephone and booking appointments. Within a few weeks our 3 month introduction training programme will ensure that you are adjusting and repairing glasses and starting to help people choose the right eyewear for them.

As your role progresses you will become one of our Eyewear Stylists giving advice on fashion in eyewear, giving contact lens advice and much much more.

Dispensing Opticians

Dispensing Opticians take a 3 year university degree to be qualified to fit and adjust glasses and recommend the best spectacle lenses to suit your needs.  Modern lenses  are incredibly complex and are designed to give you the best possible vision at all distances.  Some of the measurements we take are measured to 0.1mm and so we have to get it right for you!

Contact Lens Opticians

A Contact Lens Optician is a Dispensing Optician who has taken a further one or two years of university training to be qualified to fit you with the best and most comfortable contact lenses.


Optometrists have taken a 4 year university degree and are qualified to test your eyes, check the health of your eyes, provide an accurate spectacle prescription (if needed) and fit you with contact lenses.  When you have an eye examination at Robert Stanley Opticians, you will spend at least 1/2 hour with your optometrist who will carry out all the tests required to ensure your eyes are healthy and seeing well.

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