Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Did you see last night's episode (episode 2, seris 5), Michael Mosley looked at the benefits of taking supplements to help your eyesight.

We already know that supplements can significantly reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration in later life but this episode tested them over a 5 week period. In that short time, he demonstrated improvements in his eyesight.

The eye needs antioxidants to protect itself, specifically xeothanthin and lutein and whilst these are already present in green veg and oily fish, you would need to consume huge amounts of these to provide the necessary levels of these important antioxidants. E.g. here is a daily smoothie recipe to try;

We would always encourage healthy eating for all aspects of eye health but if you are serious about protecting and improving your eyesight and don't have the nutrients in your diet, we stock a range of products that can help including Macushield and Nutrof Total.

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You can also find a great article on this subject here;