Helping others

For many years, Robert Stanley Opticians have ben collecting your old or unwanted glasses and sorting them before sending them to third world countries.  Find out more about how this has changed later in this article.

This provided a range of different spectacle prescriptions that could be distributed appropriately in a number of developing countries.  We estimate collecting over 250,000 pairs over the last ten years - A massive thank you to everyone who has donated.

During that time we've also visited some of the places we support to test eyes and fit glasses including Cambodia, Ethopia and recently the townships areas of Cape Town in South Africa.  We work alongside vision charities such as Vision Aid Overseas.

What happens to your old glasses that you donate at Robert Stanley Opticians?

Vision Aid Overseas stopped sending donated second-hand glasses in 2010 when the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) recommended that sending second-hand glasses overseas was not the best way to establish sustainable eye care in developing countries.

But, please keep donating!  Here's why?

We now collect your glasses for recycling.  The glasses are stripped into their component parts, the plastic materials are recycled and the metal parts are melted down to save the precious metals and the more standard elements such as nickel are then recycled.  This recycling allows Vision Aid Overseas to fully fund sustainable eyecare services in a number of countries around the world.

So donating your old or unwanted glasses has a double effect, recycling materials and funding eyecare services in developing countries.

With your help we can continue this great work, thank you.