What's new in hearing aids?

New Technology

Robert Stanley is very excited to be able to offer the world’s first hearing aids that use Artificial Intelligence to enable you to hear optimally in all situations, and especially when there is noise around you.

This improved hearing in noise is possible thanks to exceptionally fast and precise signal processing that enables the sound scene around you to be scanned 500 times per second. The sounds are then analysed, and artificial intelligence can separate individual sounds out for you. Sounds are amplified in a way that allow you to hear the sound that surrounds you comfortably whilst speech sounds remain loud and clear.

If you would like to try a demonstration of our new hearing aid technology please either phone one of our branches or book online.

Abingdon 01235 520849
Bicester 01869 360557
Headington 01865 766488
Thame 01844 261096
Wallingford 01491 837033

Hearing assessments and hearing aid trials are offered free of charge.

Remote programming

If your hearing aids were fitted at Robert Stanley, or we have taken over maintenance of them, we are now able to adjust your hearing aids without your coming into the practice. As long as your hearing aids are paired to a smart phone and you have good internet access we can arrange a video call with you, and make adjustments to your hearing aids during the call.

If you would like further information, please contact us.

Please note: if your hearing aids are damaged, blocked by wax or your hearing has changed we may need to send the hearing aid for service or arrange a face to face appointment when convenient.

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